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Belo Horizonte

Museu de Artes e Ofícios


The mountains that surround Belo Horizonte guard not only the sixth biggest Brazilian city, but also all the charm and beauty from the “pão de queijo way of life” capital.

Speaking about pão de queijo (the traditional cheese bread), there is no “Beagá” (how the acronym BH is read and how the city is fondly known) without its typical culinary, that includes refried beans (“tutu de feijão”), crispy pork (“leitão à pururuca”), and pumpkin compote. The capital was the cradle of the “Comida di Buteco” festival, which has spread over fifteen Brazilian cities and is home to restaurants from all kinds and tastes. There’s only one other tourist attraction as strong as traditional food, the pubs. Among Brazilian capitals, Belo Horizonte has the highest density of pubs per square meter; sitting in a pub with friends is almost a religious ritual to the locals.

However, a man doesn’t live only with bread (the cheese one!), and it’s not only in these tables that you will discover Belo Horizonte. The city has a captivating architectural collection, signed by no less than the awesome Oscar Niemeyer. With a countryside style, but without losing the modernity, the city was the first one to be planned in Brazil, and was used as a test to Brasília. Therefore, when walking on the streets, take a break to admire the several Oscar works. At on of its most beautiful regions, the Pampulha lagoon, you can observe the cute São Francisco de Assis church, one of the most famous postal cards, and the result of a partnership between Niemeyer and Cândido Portinari.

The beauties of Belo Horizonte are plentiful and easy to find when having tours at the city’s central areas. On its squares and museums, you can learn a little bit more about the Minas Gerais capital history, as well as Brazilian history itself, everything in a creative and interactive way. .

The name of the city talks by itself. When looking at the beautiful horizon (Belo Horizonte translation)  it’s easy to perceive one of its main qualities: the nature. Great sierras watch over the capitals treasures, built in a mountain sea, which can be explored through the super recommended ecological walks.

Either by the traditional dishes or beverages, by the street art, or by the natural beauties, it’s totally worth it to check Belo Horizonte out, and take a little bit from the city irresistible way of being. #letsgo?

Gay scene

Want a tip? Hurry up to buy the flight tickets and rock it out in Belo horizonte! The city is between the ones that try to stand as the LGBT public darling, not only inside the country, but also internationally. In 2014, together with Brasília and Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte started the “¡Trae Tus Colores!” (bring your colors!) project in Spain, aiming to promote the city as a tourist destination to the LGBT internacional public.

Besides, BH is home to organizations like the Associação de Turismo LGBT de Minas Gerais (State’s LGBT tourism association) and the Câmara de Comércio LGBT (LGBT Chamber of Commerce), which are focused in developing the city’s gay scene.

The Gay Parade gathers around 30 thousand people, and the capital has more than 50 gay points, yes you’ve heard it right... FIFTY! You can be sure that you’ll find a place and someone to call yours. ;)


If you prefer to party, you will find clubs all across the city: Downtown, Barro Preto, Savassi, and Santo Antônio are some of the neighborhoods with the biggest parties at Belo Horizonte. As mentioned before, BH is rich in the “pubs” topic, with a lot of options foryou to drink some good beer (and good drinks!) with your friends. Most pubs are not really sophisticated, but follow the “sidewalk tables” model. The soundtrack can be very diverse. So, just pick a place that fits you!