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Curitiba is considered one of the best cities to live in Brazil. Being chosen by FIFA to host the 2014 World Cup, Curitiba showed the world the reasons that make it a reference when it comes to the quality of life. Known as the Brazilian capital of business tourism, it has a great hotel and gastronomic network. Additionally, numerous companies of large national and multinational scale are established in the region, attracting professionals from several areas that go to Curitiba to sign contracts or attend events .

The large green area of ??55 square meters per inhabitant is distributed in more than 25 parks and groves with complete infrastructure for recreation and sports practicing. The streets, the efficient public transport, the health system and the environmental preservation, along with the feeling you are in Europe (dictated by the cold weather and the sense of security) convey to residents and visitors the feeling of well being!

Gay scene

Considered the best place to live in Brazil, Curitiba is no different when it comes to the LGBT public - it ranks as the third Brazilian capital regarding the number of gay marriages, besides having pioneering groups in the area of ??promotion of LGBT citizens. You can also find the best pubs, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs scattered throughout the city, which will welcome you with lots of affection and respect and ensure a day full with flirting and enjoyment.


Place to dance? There’s plenty in Curitiba. Drag queen shows? Curitiba, again!. Nightclubs with male strippers? The city is also on it. The list is huge and the options are the best as possible! Your weekend can start on Thursday at Cats, one of the oldest clubs in town that welcomes all types of audiences, or at the classic Simão’s Bar, with parties ranging from pop to indie.