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Talking about Fortaleza and not saying a word about its beautiful beaches is quite impossible, right? Ceará’s capital city is one of the most requested destinations in the northeast of Brazil. Who wouldn’t like to watch a hollywood style sunset at the Beira-Mar Avenue after walking on Iracema, Meireles, and Mucuripe beaches? Or maybe gather some friends at the Futuro beach and enjoy a carefree and sunny saturday appreciating the delicious seafood and colorful drinks with many tropical fruits being served at the small concession tents? Whoever goes after adventure won’t be disappointed either! In addition to admiring the breathtaking views, visitors can ride a buggy at the well-known dunes of Fortaleza. To those who want to practice some windsurf and kitesurf, the Cumbuco lagoons are an excellent option. Furthermore, Fortal houses one of the most famous brazilian water parks, the Beach Park, which attracts groups of friends, tourists and families.

Unquestionably, Ceará’s cuisine is well represented at Fortaleza’s streets, either by the Curuípe beach lobsters or by the traditional sun-dried beef from Varjota and Aldeota cities.

When visiting Fortaleza, make sure you see Messejana, a neighborhood that gathers more than twenty concession tents that offer the traditional tapioca with the most diverse fillings. Handicraft is widespread across the entire city and finding street markets selling local art is not uncommon. It is hard, on the other hand, not getting lost at the tangly lacework, at the hammock peace, and at  the colorful canvas picturing the amazing local landscapes, as well as resisting to the urge of buying lots of small bottles filled with vivid sand painting.

Thanks to its lightful and gorgeous beaches and its historical streets, Fortaleza shows itself to the world  as a typical northeastern city: calm, splendorous, and full of grace, guiding the tourist, between one smile and another, on discovering its charm.

Gay scene

In the past years, Fortaleza has gained strength as a supporter to the LGBT movements. Wanna bet? Then check it out: over 600 thousand people at the Gay Parade (one of the biggest of the whole country!), nightclubs and pubs for all tastes, gay friendly beaches, high quality saunas and all year round off club parties.


POP party, Tribal House dance floors, samba circles, Drag Queen shows… Fortaleza’s nightlife is perfect to the LGBT public! At the weekends, the buzz is guaranteed in nightclubs like Donna Santa, the biggest in town, that brings national attractions, or at the Teresa & Jorge bar, that opens the night with a samba circle, looting even the sidewalks!