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The “Brazilian Venice” nickname is not a cliche: just like its italian twin city, Recife is culturally stunning, unpredictable and captivating.

Recife streets are fulfilled with history and art: centennial churches, historical buildings, museums, handicraft centers and sculptures are all over the city… each corner or building tells a little from the city and Brazil’s history. Do not forget to visit, at the central region, the Culture House, the Golden Chapel, The Jewish Cultural Center, and the São Tiago das Cinco Pontas stronghold . Várzea is a neighbourhood in the suburbs that’s home to two icons from the state history: The Francisco Brennand Ceramic Workshop and the Ricardo Brennand Institute.

This city is unique and surprising. Even though it is located at the coast, the city’s lifestyle is not faced to the sea, as in other famous capitals. More than 60 waterways and 6 rivers, such as Beberibe and Capibaribe, run through the city, contributing to its unique dynamics. Recife also has a lot of bridges, connecting the main historical neighborhoods located in isles, like the Old Town and Santo Antônio, to renovated areas, like Boa Viagem and Parnamirim.

The city is in no hurry to please, showing its many faces and charms throughout the year at its unique carnival, which is shared with its “cousin” Olinda, or in the many Festas Juninas (São João party) that flood its colorful streets with flavors and dance.

The passion for Recife emerges from the feet and from the stomach. You’ll be delighted with the walks at the coast sidewalks and with the typical cuisine served next to the sea, such as Bean Soup, Rennet Cheese and Corned Beef, always with some coconut water of course!

Recife’s mysteries are only revealed by its most deep visitors: the local community. Become friends with the local inhabitants- which won’t be hard, once they are extremely friendly and hospitable - and enjoy some tips about the pubs and not-so-obvious places to visit. This way, your experience in Recife will be complete!

Gay scene

Places where gays can walk, demonstrate affection and have fun are really common at Recife. The city has a lot of LGBT sites, like the Boa Viagem Beach and the Arsenal square, which are used as a community meeting site during the day. Therefore, if you’re planning on walking a little bit, dress your better clothes up, for there is no other city with this much public spaces turned into LGBT sites as Recife.


Recife’s nightlife is really intense, with lots of pubs, restaurants and dance clubs. Here, even the gas station becomes an LGBT meeting point to warm up before your weekend nights. Do you want more? Then check this out: you’ll find every kind of night clubs here, from crowded places, where you can dance the whole night, to more quiet places, where to you can take your bae to a more romantic program.