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Farol da Barra


It is in Salvador that everything is mixed together. The once country capital is home to different ethnicities, beliefs, rhythm, colors and flavors. The energy of axé (a Brazilian rhythm) and carnival in Salvador is so intense that can be felt in Bahia throughout the year, even when the celebrations are over. In Pelourinho, one of the most visited attractions in Salvador, the joy and the cuteness of colorful houses is mixed with the sadness in the blood of so many slaves that were poured on the city centuries ago. Salvadore is always very intense.

The postcard of the city, the Lacerda Elevator, is what separates the Lower from the Upper City. Down the elevator you can visit the port area where the ferry-boats set sail to the famous island of Itaparica, and you can also buy souvenirs and handicrafts at the Modelo Market. Don’t forget to taste the famous local cuisine eating an acarajé (made from beans!) or a good muqueca.

When it comes to Salvador’s parties, everyone that visit this city can see that the animation is in the its DNA and the night is always very busy. Not surprisingly, there are nice programs for all tastes: from charming and sophisticated nightclubs to bars with tables on the sidewalk. The Red River is the most bohemian neighborhood of Salvador with several options for you to get entertained.

At the coast you’ll find the Barra Lighthouse and the most beautiful part of the city with a breathtaking sunset. Also in this region, it is a good idea to take a look at the Barra port... there is always chance of spotting a super cute crush coming out of the water ... after all, is not only the sun in Salvador that will leave you boiling hot!

Gay scene

Salvador is one of the most popular LGBT destinations in Brazil and around the world. Famous for its carnival, the city welcomes tourists from all over the world, not only in the Summer, but all year round. Although there are still complaints about prejudice and discrimination, Salvador has shown considerable changes in its structure, including the Observatory for the Fight against Homophobia and the Municipal Law 5.275 / 97, which prohibits any insult to homosexuals in the "happiness land".

In the past two years, state tourism agencies have developed several actions in this segment, especially when it comes to the qualification of the tourism sector through the training of people to receive gay and lesbian in a natural and respectful way. So, no worries! Relatively well served by bars and clubs, there will be no axé missing in your stay.


Do not leave Salvador without enjoying a good party. Famous for its musicality, the city offers several options that amuses to different styles. You can find pubs and clubs totally dedicated to the LGBT public, therefore you already have the right place to do the "warming up" with your friends and then dance all night long.

Another important tip is to make sure you enjoy the evening “to know what the Bahian has” (famous quote in Brazil). Well known for their characteristical flirting, Bahians will probably not measure efforts to provide you an unforgettable evening!